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Rancho El Agave

About us

Welcome to Rancho el Agave, where a new era of culinary excellence awaits under our fresh ownership and management. Transporting you through time, our story traces back to the vibrant 1980s, where we honed our craft in some of San Diego North County's most esteemed dining establishments. Bound by a shared passion for exceptional hospitality, we evolved from colleagues to family, embarking on diverse paths in the creative arts and service industries. 

Today, reunited in business, we proudly present Rancho El Agave, a testament to our enduring camaraderie and commitment to unparalleled guest experiences. More than just proprietors, our team comprises passionate chefs, seasoned managers, and devoted hosts—a collective family dedicated to fostering warmth and creativity in every interaction. At the heart of our venture lies a deep reverence for the beloved WildWood Crossing, an institution cherished by locals as the quintessential gathering place to savor good food, forge meaningful connections, and revel in the natural splendor that Vista offers. We are dedicated to honoring WildWood's legacy while infusing it with renewed vitality and creativity. As we embrace our mantra, "Good food, good friends, good music—it's all good at WildWood," we invite you to join us in celebrating the essence of community and hospitality, now and for generations to come.